Economic Implications of Global Citizenship

Modern technology is creating a single world culture and promote global citizenship. The highly-developed world-wide-web enables us to broaden the view to the world experiencing various cultures all over the world. There are many good opportunities for those who want to expand their knowledge about other countries’ cultures on the web conveniently due to the development of modern technologies.

Understanding other countries culture can be used a stepping stone to address cultural differences. If culture differences can be addressed it is possible to work towards a single world. US is already a super power and India and China are emerging major powers. The residents of these countries create significant impact in the world in various walks of life such as Business, Politics, Education, Science and Technology. Migration of people and ideas have happened between the 3 countries giving the momentum to the concept of “Single world”. I believe in the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” meaning the whole world is a one family. Global citizenship encourages this philosophy.

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